Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Turns Back On Pro-Life Voters

"HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Rudy Giuliani strongly defended his support for abortion rights in the heart of the largely pro-life South yesterday while fielding questions that have dogged him since last week's Republican presidential debate."

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"I don't intend to change either one of those positions," he said during a press conference outside the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. "There has to be a right to choose." Rudy Giuliani, 09 May 2007, New York Post

Rudy Giuliani has decided to turn his back on the pro-life movement in the hopes that he can recover the Conservative votes by getting even more liberal votes. His very clear and strong statements on Tuesday in Alabama drew the line in the sand that he is pro-abortion. His side of the line will be empty of Conservatives. Rudy Giuliani fails the Conservative test on all counts, and his liberal stance on all other Conservative issues will continue to find him alone from Conservatives who hold firm the Republican base. His drawing of his own line in the sand shows a clear signal that the Conservative voices throughout America are being heard and will continue to get louder. He is on the defensive and will stay there with the Republican base.

"But it increasingly looks as though the pro-life movement will have no choice but to oppose his nomination." Editors, 10 May 2007, The National Review

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