Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rudy Doesn't Support Amnesty Bill, Presently?

Well, two days have passed in Presidential Politics and Rudy Giuliani has stated he does not support the Senate Amnesty Bill, as it is presently.

"It doesn't achieve the purpose that I would like to see it achieve," said Giuliani, who as mayor staunchly defended the rights of illegal immigrants to access government services under a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

But as he has on a number of issues as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination, Giuliani appears to be shifting to the right on immigration, which he now calls a matter of national security.

Now he says he would only be open to letting illegal immigrants gain citizenship once they came forward and entered their names in a central database, and once they were issued "tamper-proof" ID cards.


So he supports it, but just not right now. The political winds do indeed blow candidates around that are not firmly planted in their positions. The surprising thing is Rudy has firmly embraced his Liberal Platform, so why stop now? Rudy is proudly Pro-Abortion, Pro-Illegal Immigrant, Pro-Gay Marriage, Anti-Gun, so why the hesitation? It appears that his only issue is one that involves yet another way for the government to track citizens. Or maybe that is part of the "electronic border" concept he is also pushing.

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