Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rudy Gets His Report Card

Rudy Giuliani has been in office with enough Political Experience to define where he is on key issues. Rudy's Conservative Report Card was put together in order to show you his failing grades, and to detail exactly why he fails in each area.

The areas included Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Immigration, Gay Rights, Free Speech and Party Loyalty.


The comments noted are simply one example for each issue, though the actual examples are virtually infinate.

Rudy Giuliani is a proud Liberal. Conservative Values and Principles will be preserved by the Republican base.

Now that you've seen his Report Card, what can you do?

Save a copy of Rudy's Conservative Report Card, share the file with family and with friends. Let no-one enter a primary voting both without knowing Rudy's stance on these issues, and a stance that Rudy Giuliani is not only proud of, but is hoping that people can "get beyond". As stated previously, we're not getting beyond these issues. Conservatism is blooming again and the timing could not be better!

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